Fête de la Mer 2017

Metimer Presentation

METIMER, the association for maritime professionals, comprises virtually every nautical business in Saint Martin: from boatyards to surf shops, mechanics’ shops to sail makers…
The association, which is very active, works hard on all fronts to support the interests of its members. One of its objectives through Turquoise guide, which is distributed in Saint Martin and elsewhere including the boat shows in La Rochelle, Paris and Fort Lauderdale, is to develop the yachting industry on the island.;;
www.metimer.fr website  has 3 purposes :

  1. Referencing St.Martin St.Maarten sea world business and organisations, in 3 groups :
  2. Informations for tourists
  3. Metimer News and Actions

For more information, you can contact Métimer, so CONTACT US !


SXM EQUIPAGE : le groupe FB dédié embarquement, logement, et emploi dans le nautisme à Saint-Martin, géré par METIMER !!

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